Past Lectures


Spring Clinical Meeting 2021

Managing Bleeding problems in primary care

Complex Contraception

Domestic Abuse


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2020

Covid-19 and how it has affected practice

Sexual Health Services for Commercial Sex Workers

Vaginal Discharge


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2019

Cultural and Human Rights in Sexual Healthcare

Contraception and Sexual Health Q & A

New Product Review: Kyleena


Spring Clinical Meeting 2019

Online Lecture

Contraception update

Mycoplasma genitalium


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2018

Core Contraceptive Cases



Spring Clinical Meeting 2018

Faculty Guidelines for Contraception

HIV and Contraception and Sexual Health


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2017

Implant Update



Spring Clinical Meeting 2017

Non-Contraceptive Bleeding Disorders

Contraception and STI's - Questions and Answers


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2016

NICE Guidelines for the Menopause

Problems with Implants


Spring Clinical Meeting 2016

Vulval Disorders

Sexual Addiction and Online Pornography


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2015

Ethically Challenging Situations in Contraception and Sexual Health

Contraception update


Spring Clinical Meeting 2015

Gangs and Safeguarding Young People

Strategy for Improving Uptake on HIV Testing


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2014

Bleeding with Contraception

Ethically Challenging Situations in Contraception and Sexual Health


Spring Clinical Meeting 2014

Cancer Prevention and HPV

Communication Skills at the Sexual History Consultation

Autumn Clinical Meeting 2013

Challenges and Barriers to Men's Sexual Health

IUD Update


Spring Clinical Meeting 2013

Sexual and Reproductive Health needs of Lesbian Women

Contraception and Breast Cancer


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2012

Community Gynaecology Problems

Contraception, Sexual and Reproductive Health - your questions answered


Spring Clinical Meeting 2012

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual Dysfunction


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2011

Hepatitis Update

Breast Cancer


Spring Clinical Meeting 2011

Contraception and Migraine

What's new in Contraception?


Autumn Clinical Meeting 2010

STIs in the Community

Contraceptive needs of HIV Positive Women


Spring Clinical Meeting 2010

Menopause Update

2009 UK MEC Guidelines - Panel Discussion